This module contains unpublished writings from Humboldt’s papers, held primarily in the Berlin State Library and the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow. Through five thematic sections, the edition offers insights into Humboldt’s research practices before and after his travels. It documents ways in which he collected data and connected knowledge.
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Phytogeography And Life Sciences

First, we focus on Alexander von Humboldt’s bioscientific research, primarily his notes, research, and correspondence on phytogeography.

Editing Period: 2015–2018

Scientific Travels

Secondly, we focus on notes and letters regarding the planning, execution, and evaluation of his own journeys as well as the support of other scientific journeys and expeditions.

Editing Period: 2019–2023

The knowledge of the earth

Thirdly, we focus on publishing preliminary studies on his political-geographical writings as well as selected correspondence on questions of geology and mineralogy, physical geography, and paleontology.


Cartography and the history of discovery

Fourth, we focus on the subjects astronomy (in the sense of determining a geographical position through star observation), cartography, metrology, instruments, and Humboldt’s studies on the history of discovery – texts that are of great relevance for the understanding of his late works Examen critique and Cosmos .


History of Globalization and Anthropology

Fifth, we focus on Humboldt’s anthropological research. For this purpose, the project will evaluate and edit recordings of Humboldt's studies on the global history of planetary consciousness, North and Mesoamerican language and cultural history, the archaeology of American antiquity, the migration and cultural history of indigenous people as well as the topic of slavery.