Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

Journal of the Russian-Siberian Journey 1829

The Berlin zoologist and botanist Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg accompanied Alexander von Humboldt together with the mineralogist Gustav Rose on the Russian-Siberian journey in 1829. All three travelers kept their own field journals. [More]

Correspondence with Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

The correspondence between Alexander von Humboldt and Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg consists of over 300 letters, the majority of which come from Humboldt's hand. It has recently been expanded with a collection of 22 Ehrenberg letters from the holdings of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

Correspondence with the Schlagintweit brothers

Between 1854 and 1858 Adolph, Hermann and Robert Schlagintweit undertook a research expedition through India and Central Asia. Alexander von Humboldt provided crucial assistance for their travel plans: He arranged financial support for the journey by Friedrich Wilhelm IV, among other patrons, and ensured that preliminary results of their research were already made public during the journey.

Moritz von Brescius

The Schlagintweit Brothers in Correspondence with Alexander von Humboldt: Insights into an Epistemic Change

Adolph, Hermann and Robert Schlagintweits’ expedition to India and the Himalayas (1854–1858) was the last major exploratory project supported by Alexander von Humboldt. The brothers undertook their travels at a time of profound epistemological changes in the field sciences and the study of foreign cultures. [More]