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De Paris à Toulon

The creation of the edition humboldt digital datasets is an ongoing process. The scope and accuracy of the data grows as the project progresses. We are always grateful for any additions, corrections and error reports. Please write to edition-humboldt@bbaw.de.

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Humboldt, Alexander von: De Paris à Toulon[,] 1798. [= Tagebuch der Frankreich-Reise], ed. by Christian Thomas and David Blankenstein in collaboration with Ulrich Päßler, Florian Schnee and Annika Geiser. In: edition humboldt digital, ed. by Ottmar Ette. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Version 7 of 07.09.2021. URL: https://edition-humboldt.de/v7/H0018407/50r


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