Mitchill, Samuel L.: „A detailed narrative of the earthquakes which occurred on the 16th day of December, 1811, and agitated the parts of North America that lie between the Atlantic Ocean and Louisiana; and also a particular account of the other quakings of the earth occasionally felt from that time to the 23d and 30th of January, and the 7th and 16th of February, 1812, and subsequently to the 18th of December, 1813, and which shook the country from Detroit and the Lakes to New-Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Compiled chiefly at Washington, in the district of Columbia.“, Transactions of the Literary and Philosophical Society of New-York 1 (1815), S. 281–307.

Kurztitel: Mitchill 1815

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      Voyage d’Espagne aux Canaries et à Cumaná Obs. astron. de Juin à Oct. 1799 [= Tagebücher der Amerikanischen Reise I]

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