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| 1rto be met with between the Strait of Magalhanes & the N. temperate
zone. In Ross Ross 1847.

Antarctic Voyage
I have given lists of the Fuegian [&]
Falkland Land & Ld Auckland & Campbell Island
plants common to those countries & Europe. I endeavored to com-
bine all into one list for You before leaving home but was quite
unable to do so, to my very great regret. Co[e]lebogyne still flowers
& ripens its seeds at Kew, as do the plants raised from those seeds
both at Kew & in the Hort. Soc. Gardens. I have repeatedly examined the
the [sic] stigmata & can find no trace of impregnation, nor of pollen tubes
in the style or mouth of the ovule. In our herbarium we have
native specimens of the male flowers! in small  Kätzchen: Eine Form des Blütenstands von männlichen und weiblichen Blüten bei Bäumen und Sträuchern.


I have come out so far in HMst V. Sidon, tomorrow we hurry
across to Suez & take the Steamer to Calcutta. The Governor General has
a noble regard for Science & [is] the youngest man (38.) who has ever been
entrusted with this office: he is every-thing that is good & generous & a man
of first-rate ability.

Again my dear Baron let me thank You
most warmly. I shall often think of You & all
Your kindness & I hope [to] send You some results
soon if You will condescend to recie über den ursprünglichen Text geschriebeneive my comm-
unications. With feelings of most profound respect
& gratitude Believe me Your affectionate & truly obliged
Jos. D. Hooker.

Baron Von Humboldt
Membre de l’Institute &c. &c. &c.
J. D. Hooker.

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Joseph Dalton Hooker an Alexander von Humboldt. Alexandria, 4. Dezember 1847, hg. v. Sabine Seifert. In: edition humboldt digital, hg. v. Ottmar Ette. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Version 9 vom 04.07.2023. URL: https://edition-humboldt.de/v9/H0020383. Folio: https://edition-humboldt.de/v9/H0020383/1r


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