Humboldts „Carte générale de Colombia“ erschien 1825 mit der fünften Lieferung als Planche 22 von Humboldt 1814–1834 (vgl. Fiedler/Leitner 2000, 162).

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| 4vMap of New Granada
.  Der fünfte Band von Humboldt 1814–1829 erschien 1821. Vgl. Fiedler/Leitner 2000, 104.

I am anxiously waiting for the 5. volume
of your Personal Narrative
, which I understand from Messrs.
Longman & Co. is to be published here about christmas. Poor
Author of the Flora Americae Septentr. is no more. His widow
has just arrived from Canada , with a very extensive collection of
specimens of plants from that Country which is now in my possession.
had he lived it was his intention to publish a Flora of Canada, for
which he had collected ample materials. I beg you will present
my kindest respects to Mr Kunth. Is their [sic] any hopes of of [sic] seeing
you & him in this Country soon.  über der Zeilesince writing the above I have just received a very
long and interesting Letter from my friend Professor DeCandolle
who mentions that the 2d vol. of his Systema Veget. will be
out in a Month from the date of his Letter, 26 oct.

Yours very Sincerely Alymer Bourke Lambert.

P. S. I was extremely sorry, at not having the pleasure of seeing
your Friend Dr. Caspar, who I beg you will give my compliments
to. I have just had a very splendid Mexican plant which
has flowered in my Hothouse, it is nearly allied to Bromelia
of Swartz, at least of the same genus with it, very
different from Bromelia. the flowers are white edged with crimson
in large panicles. The floral über der Zeilestem leaves from 2 to 3 feet long of a beautiful

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Ab – Aylmer Bourke Lambert an Alexander von Humboldt. London, 14. November 1820, hg. v. Ulrich Päßler unter Mitarbeit von Ingo Schwarz. In: edition humboldt digital, hg. v. Ottmar Ette. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Version 8 vom 11.05.2022. URL:


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