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| 4rPeruviana , with many entirely new species; from these resources
I shall be enabled to clear up innumerable doubts & errors which
still pervade the history of this very interesting Genus. Cinchona
of Fl. Peruv. is perfectly distinct from every other species: your
C. condaminea and C. angustifolia Anmerkung des Empfängers (am linken Rand) ⎡non[,] C.

est C. lanci
figured in the Suppl. of Ruiz
are the same. I posses [sic] many specimens of your
plant in its various stages of growth.
Anmerkung des Empfängers (am linken Rand) Kunth
a remis
C. ovalifolia
Bonpl. à
C. ovalif.
de Linné
qui diffèrent
p 2
p. 22[.]

My drawings of the Pines
from the Himalaya Mountains , Nepal , are nearly finished
and [I] will publish them as soon as possible of the 3 species from
Nepal. The 1. belongs to the section Abies, and must be placed near
Pinus picea & balsamea, Although perfectly distinct from either. The
second belongs to the section Larix a very distinct species from
the Neighbourhood of Almora. The 3rd belongs to the section
Pinus, named by me & Dr Wallich, Pinus excelsa, akin to Pinus
but with characters widely different as you will hereafter
see. The Species mentioned by Thunberg in Flora Japonica , I
have no doubt will all prove very different from those
of Europe & N. America. his P. strobus . [sic] may possibly be the
same with my P. excelsa, and his P. Larix , the same with
mine from Almora, as their [sic] are many plants common to
both countries in Nepal. I have here sent you some of Dr.
Letters to me relating to Nepal, which I hope will afford
some pleasure, and which I will be obliged by returning to me
at your leisure when an opportunity offers. When are [we] to see  


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Ab – Aylmer Bourke Lambert an Alexander von Humboldt. London, 14. November 1820, hg. v. Ulrich Päßler unter Mitarbeit von Ingo Schwarz. In: edition humboldt digital, hg. v. Ottmar Ette. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Version 9 vom 04.07.2023. URL: https://edition-humboldt.de/v9/H0014540. Folio: https://edition-humboldt.de/v9/H0014540/4r


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