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In consequence of the desire you expressed to me
that I should give you a few notes relative to the
Geographical destribution [sic] of mosses, I take the liberty
to hand you the f  written across the original textenclosed sketch. I [sic] order I follow is
the same I adopt in a Dispositio Muscorum I lately
transmitted to the  Walker-Arnott trug seine Nouvelle Disposition méthodique des espèces de mousses am 18. März 1825 in der Société d’Histoire naturelle de Paris vor (vgl. Walker-Arnott 1825). Walker-Arnott war korrespondierendes Mitglied der Gesellschaft.

Natural History Society of Paris.

Should much be omitted I hope you will excuse
me, as the greater part is done from memory, being
very far distant from my own herbarium, and there
not being any extensive one in Paris so arranged that
I could at one view perceive the different localities of  inserted in between the lines
the same species. I have farther to beg of you to
excuse  Passage illegible [...]  inserted in between the linesmy not copying it over ⎡ inserted above the lineagain for you, as my time is
short in Paris, and as I have much yet to do.

Believe me Sir yours Sincer ely  inserted in between the linese
& very Humble Serv.
G. Walker Arnott

Paris, 15 March

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