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Note Carl Sigismund Kunth (inserted at the top) L Edinburgh, 7 St. John Street

14 March 1822


When about to set off from Paris, you wished me
to give you some notes on what species of mosses were
common to Nothen Northern and Tropical countries:
this I was for a long time prevented from doing,
indeed it caused me to look over very narrowly my
whole Herbarium of Mosses, as well as those of
another friend in Edinburgh. Yet my list is
very small: I have also joined in it some others
which are remarkable & have been generally sup-
posed as confined to Europe, but have really been
found in other continents. As I have not a copy
of Brown’s paper containing the list of Mosses com-
mon to New Holland, which I believe is con-
tained in his „General remarks on the flora of
N. Holland“, I have not referred to it. This list
must therefore be understood only as supplementary.
I hope it may be of service to you

I am, yours sincerely G A Walker Arnott

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| 2v à Mons.
Mons. le Baron Humboldt

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